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Growing up in Sacramento, California- Shabibz and his international brand bridges Hip-Hop with diverse rhythms and flows inspired by all demographics and sound. The name “Shabibz” stems from Lebanese roots, highlighting the gang “Shabeb” and all the “Habibi’s” worldwide. 

Shabibz grasps his inspiration from all walks of life, and you will recognize that spirit and energy through his versatility as an artist. Throughout his journey, he has battled the connotations of social and cultural norms while learning to explore his creative outlets.

According to Shabibz, “the mental battles and anxieties are some of the biggest struggles. It is something we all battle on a daily basis. The trenches inside our mind can be just as hard as the trenches we struggle to survive in on the streets.” 

The Shabibz brand reflects this journey of escaping darkness through rage, reflection, and love. In May of 2021, he released his first project titled “Step Back,” which was his way of reflecting and taking a step back in life in order to unlock a higher potential in himself. In this Step Back he was able to define success the way he wanted to define it, instead of falling in to the algorithm of life.

“The life chosen is a wavy one.” – Shabibz